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Client Support Center Associate

Posted in Biz360

Feb 2005 – Nov 2005

Biz360 launched a separate department Client Support Center (CSC) in Feb of 2005 in order to better service the clients by separating the Knowledge Engineering group who did the implementation and maintenance of the web application accounts and a dedicated team who provided day-to-day support to the clients.

I started as the only member of the CSC under a manager at the time of the launch. Shortly after my joining of the CSC, Biz360 signed a reseller agreement with one of the content providers, who dedicated part of their customer support team for their white label accounts. To enable the partner support team to deal with Tier 1 issues, the CSC launched the Solutions Library that was a collection of a large number of process documents. Many of these documents were outdated and had to be revised.


  • Resolved end user and product usage issues for all clients
  • Performed troubleshooting and fix verification for Tier 2 product issues involving the Engineering department.
  • Carried out extensive process documentation for the launch of the Solutions Library.
  • Managed fluctuating case load (10-50+ per month) while maintaining reasonable closing time.