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Database Application

Posted in Design

  • Project Type: Group
  • Course: SI 664
  • Deliverable: Online Sheet Music Repository and Sharing System
  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, Mockup Tools
  • Status: In Progress

The end product of this project is a functioning personal online sheet music library with sharing capabilities using PHP and MySQL. The platform is to serve the repository function where cataloging and organization in a traditional sense apply. The body of the data in the form of actual sheet music, as well as the associated metadata, becomes the user’s collection, created and maintained through the platform.

The challenges include both technical and non-technical issues, such as the representation of metadata in database design and the potential copyright complications. As of end of March, the team has identified solutions to the copyright issues in terms of policies and the features of the platform, created lo-fi mockup of the platform, and created an ERD of the necessary metadata and fields.

Project Proposal

Interim Report


Disclaimer: The following mockups have been created by a team member, Jiyoung Kim.

results_v2 results_detail_v3