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Graphic Design

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  • Project Type: Individual
  • Deliverable: One lab and one design assignment per week
  • Tool(s): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Course: SI 520

Each week, a different graphic design challenge was introduced where a lab project and an assignment were produced based on the materials covered. Projects vary in not only the design challenge involved, but also the production medium and tools utilized in producing the work.

The deliverables completed so far include:

  • Twitter Background (online)
  • Website Sliders/Banners (online)
  • Conference Promotional Materials (online and print)
  • Poster – Alphabet (print)
  • Tri- and Gate-Fold Brochures (print)
  • Vector Graphics (online and print)
  • Logotype Design and Complete Style Guide (online and print)
  • Poster – Artist Timeline (print)

Each design was accompanied by the report on concept development, color palette selection, and typography whenever applicable.


Here are some of the works created as part of this project. Higher quality .pdf files of the Artist Timeline and the Alphabet Poster are available at the bottom of this page.

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Available for download here are the two posters and the logotype designs.

Concept Development Artist Timeline

Concept Development Alphabet

Logotype Complete Style Guide