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Korean/Japanese Content Specialist

Posted in Biz360

Sep 2003 – Feb 2005

I first joined Biz360 as a contractor translating keywords for the filters built by Knowledge Engineers that ensured relevancy of the data pulled into Market360, Biz360’s flagship web application for traditional media monitoring. Within months, I was offered a full-time position managing the database of publications and news outlets by correcting and updating the publication metadata and consolidating duplicate records.


  • Translated keywords to/from Japanese and Korean for Knowledge Engineers used in building filters for articles based on client search strategy.
  • Verified relevancy of the aggregated articles per search strategy and filtering in Japanese and Korean.
  • Researched news and industry publications in online, print and broadcast media types for metadata and internal publication records maintenance.


Translation of keywords can be as simple and as complicated as the translator makes it to be. Without proper background knowledge on how the translations will be used and in what context, it is impossible to measure the accuracy of the work. I made it a point to obtain this information from the Client Services team and ended up learning how to build the filters myself. This had an added benefit of eliminating possible errors in copying and pasting of keywords by Knowledge Engineers who did not speak the language(s), and my quick and easy transition to a Knowledge Engineer role after the promotion in Nov 2005.

Similarly, maintaining the publication records required product knowledge as the data in the clients’ instances of the web application were affected by the metadata changes and consolidations. I was able to successfully apply this knowledge of the backend “plumbing” in my next role in the Client Support Center.