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Senior Research Consultant

Posted in Biz360

Apr 2006 – May 2010

Based on the decision that the company should provide qualitative data in addition to the quantitative data from the web application as a way to engage clients, the Knowledge Engineers were tasked to produce monthly and quarterly media reports. This addition of responsibilities resulted in the change in the title to Research Consultant.


  • Analyzed news in all media types to deliver comprehensive media performance reports to clients in health insurance, financial, and tech industry.
  • Delivered 4 consecutive quarterly and 11 monthly quantitative reports.
  • Optimized quantitative analysis process by streamlining MS Excel report templates.


Eventually a third-party analyst was engaged to provide the qualitative analysis. The delivery of quantitative data to the analyst remained as a KE responsibility, while much of the manual production was outsourced to an overseas vendor.


  • Established detailed workflow for overseas vendor and managed outsourcing of quantitative analysis.
  • Provided support to third-party media analyst on data verification and product issues.
  • Continued to perform responsibilities of Knowledge Engineer.